Eve Vanth - sex professionals, poly, fetish, therapist 


Oxfordshire, Southern England

How I Work

As a Hypno-Psychotherapist I work with clients who may find that traditional therapists are not suited or particularly understanding of their needs, this includes people who may identify as LGBTQIA+, GSRD, Sex Professionals, Alt, Poly, Swinging,Fetish, Kink and BDSM my office is based in Oxford, United Kingdom. The majority of my practice, and volunteering time is spent with these clients, not only those who are self actualised enough to self identify but also those who are questioning and find it difficult to connect with what can often heteronormative traditional therapy. Alongside my private practice confidential work with Individuals and Couples, I’m also a conference presenter and community educator.

Any sexuality or gender identity that you self identify as will very rarely be the subject of any therapy and it is merely that you are reassured that if it is raised during the course of therapy then it is something I am totally capable and knowledgeable about to explore with you if so desired. The people that I work with may not only experience situations unique to their identities but also may require unique solutions to those issues. This is the reason that I title myself ‘integrative’, this simply means that unlike some I do not stick to one modality but have the adaptability to create those unique to each client. In this recognition that a one size fits all approach does not exist within GSRD, it gives me the therapeutic freedom to be as unique as you are.

Member Organisations


Relevant Experience

  • Charity BAME Role Model, LGBTQIA+ Charity Trustee, Conference Diversity Coordinator, Activist and Pride Community Liaison Officer.
  • Writer of the blog therapticallypoly, owner of Bamepoly and the Poly Parents Facebook groups.
  • Experienced presenter, educator and course designer on Sexuality, Sex Work, working with Sex Professionals, cultural appropriation, terminologies, intersectionality, Mental Health Awareness and BAME issues.

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