AdultLogoFBCutWe created this service to help you get the help you need, without any of the stigma. In life when problems arise and you need assistance from others, you don’t need additional stress and judgement.

People seek out services they feel safe using, that understand them, or at the very least seek to understand them. Whether a person is a member of a particular religious group, or is an expatriate/immigrant, or is a member of the armed forces, or part of the emergency services, or has a different sexual orientation to the majority: All have their own places to go for safe support. So why not sex workers and their clients too?

We seek help from those that understand us for the simple reason that we feel vulnerable when we ask for assistance: We are in that moment handing over power to another person that can affect our lives. So we want to know that that person has our best interests at heart.

We at A.I.S. believe that sex workers, and all those people that live and work on the sexual fringes of society, deserve the same safe understanding support. That moments like these, described in Psychology Today and Vice, are not allowed to continue. That sex workers are treated with the same respect, and offered the same access to services, as any other group in society.

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