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Hartley Wintney/Odiham/Hook/Hampshire

I am a member of the professional bodies listed below:

Training and Approach

I am trained in the Waverley Integrative model of counselling this uses a framework that’s relational in its approach and emphasises the importance of the therapeutic relationship and adherence to the core conditions: Genuineness, unconditional acceptance and empathy.

The Waverley integrative framework can be described as a holistic approach that reflects on the client’s history and all current circumstances, and on all core aspects of human functioning, relational, physical, spiritual, and existential issues by considering core needs each person has for security, Self-worth and significance.

I have experience in addiction and recovery services and also within the mental health field, and have various training to that effect.


I believe that everyone deserves a chance to be heard and to tell their story from their own perspective because this is the only way that they will be able to find their own key to the way forward.

I take pleasure in being able to provide that environment for you, as those have done for me.

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