Life is stressful, and at times there is a need to talk to someone who is trained in what it takes to think and feel better. This can help when life gets overwhelming. With us though, you won’t have to worry about criticism of you’re life choices.

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Counselling works best when you feel safe, and can trust the person you’re talking to enough to tell them about your life. But if you feel the therapist your talking to will judge some of your life decisions, and so you keep large parts of your life ‘secret’, you may find the therapy is not very effective.

Psychotherapists need to know about many aspects of you’re life, in order to spot patterns of behaviour, so as to help you create new ones. And this can be very powerful, because when you change how you see the world, the world changes, and your life changes. We often get stuck because we are missing some part of the whole picture.

Alternative Lifestyles

When we decide to make life choices that are contrary to popular opinion, there is always an element of social judgement/social stigma. These can be very powerful, as we all well know. Getting support to hold yourself, can help it not begin to erode your sense of self.

In certain choices we make, stressful situations can occur that in turn can make us more vulnerable to these forces of shame. And like any stressful life choice/profession, having someone to talk, to debrief with, can save us a lot of trouble down the road.