All those listed on the site have their professional credentials checked before we allow anyone to list.

The Two Areas Checked

1. Qualifications

Every person that works in a professional capacity needs to have some kind of valid training. This is usually done by certain educational bodies. So this is the first area we check. The next level that happens in most professions is that once graduated, you have to be licensed, “pass the bar”, or join a professional body. Different careers have different paths, and curiously enough, this can vary from country to country. So the U.K. psychotherapists aren’t licensed by the government the same way medical doctors might be. However, in the U.S. they are. So for this reason in psychotherapy, the professional body they are a member of is more important.

2. Professional Bodies and Member Organisations

As mentioned, these can actually be more important than the original qualification to check. As someone might pass their degree, but fail to become licensed, or fail to join a good quality, recognised organisation. These bodies often discipline members as well, and expel members for unethical behaviour. If they do this, they often keep records of such events. This does not disqualify someone necessarily for us, as some of these organisations can be very anti-sex work, or kink. So someone might be expelled for something that many might deem perfectly acceptable. This would of course be a case for further examination.

For this reason, for most listings, we list memberships with links to their respective sites. If you they are not in the listing, they are on the website.

However, if despite them passing checks on their background and media, qualifications, licensing, and memberships, someone does indeed act inappropriately we want to know: Feedback.