Sex worker friendly counselling


East London
Phone: (020) 8586 7513

About Me

I am registered with UK Council for Psychotherapy and work with a wide range of issues. I have particular experience of working with people entering or close to breakdown if you feel this might be your issue.

Before training as a therapist I had a fifteen year career in industry. It included shift work in front-line roles and some years in a support function. That gave me a lively appreciation of the difficulties workers outside the ‘office hours’ mainstream often have integrating their work with the rest of their lives and the stresses that can face people in both operational and customer-facing roles. Starting in 1994, I entered a professional training at Re-Vision, qualifying as a psychotherapist and achieving UKCP registration in 2003.

How I Work

I offer a safe and confidential space where you can explore and address a wide range of issues. I think of it as a healing conversation where you can find ways to overcome or heal what ails you. I use an integrative approach that includes our conscious mind, traces of the past, unconscious aspects we struggle with (often emerging as issues for therapy) and a ‘higher’ dimension related to our deepest longings and sense of purpose in life. Those ideas are a framework for me to integrate methods and ideas from a variety of approaches in the way that best serves your needs. A metaphor I use for therapy is that of healing a wound in the psyche. Some wounds are trivial and quickly heal themselves. But sometimes there’s a more serious injury; if it doesn’t heal properly at the time it may cause problems later. Therapy is where we uncover and heal that wound.

I work in private practice in East London and I’m delighted to live and work in such a vibrant and diverse place. Diversity, social inclusion and justice are important for me and have shaped the way I run my practice. So I ensure I can see shift workers and I offer reduced fees for people on low incomes, and keep aware of the significance of class that therapy has traditionally neglected. I offer a therapy that men find useful and relevant, something I believe is a particular and urgent need in our society. Gender and sexual diversity is an area that is particularly important to me. If you feel you’re not in the gender/sexual mainstream you may have experienced therapists who don’t understand what it means to you or, worse, assume your issues are related to your sexual makeup. Or they may have seemed unable to grapple with issues that were connected with your sexuality or gender. But your particular way of being human deserves to be respected and properly worked with. So I’ve sought additional training and I try to work in a way that respects this most deeply personal part of who you are, yet doesn’t avoid issues you want to tackle. Of course there’s more – far more – to people than sexuality and I work with many people whose sexuality never becomes part of the work.

I prefer to work face-to-face and keep the option of online or telephone work so we can continue if you relocate or travel. However, if you feel there are particular reasons a remote method of working would be appropriate from the start, I would be happy to discuss that with you.

I also work as a supervisor, and am qualified to diploma level and registered as a supervisor with UKCP. Please feel free to phone and discuss your needs if you think I can help in this way.

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