London: Tokenhouse Yard, London EC2R 7AS
Hove, E. Sussex: Hove Therapy Rooms, 2nd floor, 69 Church Road, Hove BN3 2BB
Rodmell/Lewes: Please contact me for details

About Me

From my experience as a counsellor, what I have seen as most important for clients is the counsellor and client relationship. I have an approachable, genuine and open-minded manner that helps people feel able to discuss their difficulties and builds a trust in the therapist client relationship. Equally my own experiences of therapy has allowed me to honour the healing journey that clients undergo and respect the client’s choice in the pace and depth of the therapy. As a trans identified male, I have spent time examining gender and sexuality.  Much of my experience is working with gender and sexually diverse clients, where I have a framework of understanding the non-heteronormative narrative. I have recently completed a 2 year training in integrative psychosexual therapy giving me knowledge and experience working with sexual health and sexual problems in a bio psychosocial context using a more holistic approach, rather than the medical model perspective.

My background and experience is very eclectic, from many years working in the media and creative industries, to working as a gardener which I still do part time.


If a client has come to work explicitly on their concerns with sex,  gender or sexuality, a homeodynamic model of psychosexual therapy can explore those issues. The homeodynamic model presumes that our body, mind, feelings and reactivity are all operating at the same time. Once understood we can heal our sexual wounds and learn to become integrated into a fuller expression of a sexual being.

I work with a depathologising model of sex and gender, where I see the client for who they are, validating their self identity. I encourage clients to self define. My aim is to support the wellbeing of the client with non-judgement and promote good self-esteem and a positive identity.

I work with adult individuals and couples that identify to non-heteronormative genders and sexualities(GSD), such as trans, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer, asexual, MSM, WSM, as well as non-monogamous relationship styles. I am kink, sex positive, BDSM friendly and aware. I encourage the intersections of identity and work with navigating multiple identities. I practice affirmative GSD therapy, and offer a respectful space where diverse relationship(s) are not seen as problematic. My intention is to support people who have diverse gender and sexual identities in finding ways where they can find more comfortable and fulfilling lives.

Education/Member Organization

I am a qualified psychosynthesis counsellor (pgDip) registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and an advanced student member of the College of Sex and Relationship Therapy (COSRT). I have recently completed a 2 year diploma in integrative psychosexual therapy, and working towards COSRT accreditation to become a registered psychosexual therapist. Further to my core training I have trained in somatic trauma therapy, gender and sexual diversity as well as psychotherapeutic emotional freedom technique (EFT). I am committed to my on-going personal and professional development and I am in regular supervision for my client work.


I have experience with a range of issues that include:

Anxiety, PTS/D, trauma, depression, sexual abuse, identity struggles, relationship difficulties, sexuality and gender, grief and loss, bereavement, work related issues, anger management, chronic health conditions, illness, addictions, life crisis.

I aim to ensure a safe, non-judgemental, confidential space where the client may wish to explore who they are and the dilemmas of their life. I work with strict accordance to the ethical framework of the BACP and COSRT, one of the main professional organisations that regulate the profession of counselling, psychotherapy, sex and relationship therapy.

I have a years experience working in the NHS psychosexual services at South London and Maudsley Hosptial where I saw clients with organic and non organic sexual problems. Issues I worked with included erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, anorgasmia, low sexual desire, sexual addiction, sexual abuse.  I have previous experience as a volunteer counsellor at LGBT Switchboard, Brighton, Metro Centre, London, a counselling service for LGBTQ identified people and Arc Counselling, Wokingham.

I also work as a gender and sexual diversity trainer and creative facilitator with young people in schools and summer camps.

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